Solutions Exhibition: inspiring solutions to spread!


November 13


04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Online Event

Take part in an online “Solutions Exhibition” to get inspired by impactful & replicable solutions!

An online exhibition to discover +40 impact-proven & replicable initiatives!

Would you like to launch an initiative that makes a positive difference in your community?

What if you could discover plenty of impactful initiatives you could reproduce locally?

Even better, what if you could learn from those who’ve done it before to avoid reinventing the wheel?

Join us on Thursday, May 11th at 9am CET for a FREE online exhibition to discover local & replicable solutions!

During this event, you will:

  • Find the problem that you personally relate to and would like to solve, be it in the social inclusion field, education, environment, etc.
  • Discover inspiring solutions in many different industries (Homelessness, childcare, climate change, sustainable food, waste management, gender equality, oceans, diversity, etc.)
  • Understand how you could learn from the initial teams to launch similar initiatives in your region – without starting from scratch!


Snowball Effect‘s mission is to spread the most impactful initiatives across the world, to tackle today’s pressing social and environmental challenges at scale. Let’s stop reinventing the wheel: impactful solutions already exist, it’s high time to replicate them!

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