Sojourn Youth Camp


January 2 - 08:00 am


January 6 - 11:00 am

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Sojourn Church

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Sojourn Church - Offices

Zzimwe Road, Kampala, Central Region

Kampala, Central Region, UG

Our annual camps are designed to create an environment for reflection and commitment towards the gospel and the design God has put in place.

As we continue in our discipleship efforts at Sojourn Church, it is important we understand where everything begins.

Jesus is where everything begins, Acts 2 also teaches us that apostolic teaching should be the primary concern of the church. And for the church to effectively carry out apostolic teaching, it must be understood, a local church understanding is important not only for missions but for discipleship and evangelism.

Our annual camps are designed to create an environment for reflection and commitment towards the gospel and the design God has put in place for it to advance.

This year’s (2024) camp, we will seek to help many of our young and believing understand that by embracing the proper understanding of the local church, we understand the context of true discipleship, and discipleship is about becoming like Christ.

Join us alongside friends from International Messengers as we partner in reaching more for Christ and making disciples.

Before you register you need to know about this;

Registration fee is UGX 20,000

Place at the camp is reserved upon the turning in to Sojourn office filled and signed form and payment of registration fee but is subject to availability.

We hope you follow this;

Sojourn Ministries agrees to insure the safety of all camp participants with exception of circumstances that are beyond our control. Such circumstances might include

– Personal misconduct of the participant

– Failure to adhere to safety precautions and rules set by the camp staff

– Natural disasters or occurrences

– Accidents that occur outside of camp facilities/premises

– Accidents occurring from transportation of participants. Sojourn will cover the cost of transportation provided by public means. Parent/caretaker is free to transport participant to camp location

Camp rules:

– Campers/participants may not leave camp premises and facilities at any time during the camp

– No alcohol or drugs allowed on camp premises

– Male and female participants are not allowed to spend one on one time together except during camp activities.

– No leaving dormitories passed bed time.

– Participants may not enter dormitories of the opposite sex at any times.

– Campers are expected to adhere to the camp time table, participate in camp activities and respect the curfew times.

– Any inappropriate behavior displayed by campers and/or camp staff whether publicly or in private must not be tolerated and immediately reported to camp leaders.

– Swimming in the lake is not allowed at any time.

– Parents may not send a sick child to attend the camp.

Rowdiness and unruliness will not be tolerated. Failure to adhere to the above stated rules will lead to immediate expulsion from the camp. The parent/ guardian will be notified before this takes place.


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