Infobip Connect – Kampala Tech Meetup


April 27


06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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The Innovation Village

Plot 31 Ntinda - Kisaasi Road, Ntinda Shopping Complex, Block D, Kampala, Mkoa wa Kati

Kampala, Mkoa wa Kati, UG

We are happy to host our first tech meetup in Kampala!

Dear devs, startups, and tech enthusiasts,

We are happy to host our first tech meetup in Kampala! 🇺🇬

The mission of our meetup is to present local tech initiatives and to introduce Infobip Developer Community tools and solutions, which are increasingly popular among developers and Infobip Startup Tribe that help startups from all over the globe achieve their goals.

🏫 Location: The Innovation Village, Plot 31 Ntinda – Kisaasi Road, Ntinda Shopping Complex, Block D, Kampala, Uganda

📆 Date & time: Thursday, April 27, 2023, 6:00 pm

🎙 Speakers:

Wesley Kambale, Machine Learning Engineer & Community Builder

Natasha Katondwaki Co-Founder & Team Lead at Waape

Geofrey Mutabazi, Founder of Karaa

Diane Kateeba Product Manager at Flyhub

Christian Wamambe, VP Fintech at SafeBoda

Nemanja Kostic, Account Executive at Infobip

Ivan Burazin, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip

Marijan Cipcic, Tech Community Manager at Infobip

We are looking forward to meeting you and exchanging experiences about dev, web development, and startup ecosystem in Uganda. Connecting is easier with some refreshments, so food and beverages are on us 😉

🎫 Entrance: free with RSVP

🕰 Agenda:

• 6:00 – 7:30 pm – Keynotes & panel discussions

• 7:30 – 9:00 pm – Networking – Food and beverages sponsored by Infobip

⏳ About speakers:

Wesley Kambale

Wesley is a machine learning engineer with 3 years of experience building and deploying traditional ml models and modern deep learning models with TensorFlow. I’m a flutter enthusiast. I’m a community organizer for GDG Cloud Mbarara and an Explore ML Facilitator under the Crowdsource by Google program

Natasha Katondwaki

Natasha Katondwaki is a Co-Founder and Team Lead at Waape. She got her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Cavendish University and is passionate about tech & project management. Being in the Startup & Innovation space for more than 2 years now, she has driven great results in terms of collaboration to build Africa’s digital talent marketplace, providing inspirational leadership to the team & ensuring customer satisfaction for our employers. Natasha’s hobbies include reading, listening to podcasts and spending time with her family.

Geofrey Mutabazi

Geofrey is an emerging leader passionate about unlocking the economic potential of Africa through entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Karaa, an energy startup that is building electric bicycles to enable more than 300 million small retailers in the developing world adopt clean last mile delivery. He is a climate reality leader with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and a Global Shaper with the Kampala Hub of the Global Shapers Community.

Diane Kateeba

Diane Kateeba is a Digital Transformation expert with over 14 years of experience in developing and implementing digital transformation strategies in the MEA and North American regions. She has also led multicultural teams in implementing various projects in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, USA, and Jordan. Her core expertise is in project management, product management, change management, leadership, design thinking and strategy. Diane is currently the Product Manager for Flyhub, a Fintech Subsidiary of Stanbic Holdings Uganda. She holds an MBA, a Master of Science in Information Systems Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Christian Wamambe

Wamambe Christian Mayeku is a seasoned financial services professional with extensive experience in telecommunications and payment aggregation. As the Vice President of Payments and Financial Services at SafeBoda, he is responsible for driving the adoption of digital payments by passengers and drivers in the community while also building financial services that cater to the underserved communities’ needs. Wamambe is passionate about leveraging technology to improve people’s lives, particularly in areas where access to conventional financial channels is limited. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in optimizing product distribution and managing agent networks, Wamambe is a driven and dedicated leader with a proven track record of success.

Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja is a global citizen who is fluent in English, Serbian and a bit of Luganda. He is a Account Executive at Infobip. Nemanja’s digital career started in Serbia, but his life journey started in Kampala. He considers himself a problem solver and digital promoter who loves to bring forth innovative solutions for the online & offline (hybrid) environment. In the past, he worked for other global organizations in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and ERP software.

Ivan Burazin

Ivan co-founded Codeanywhere, the first cross platform Cloud IDE, which now has over a two million developers worldwide. Alongside this, Ivan founded the largest developer conference in SE Europe called Shift, which was acquired by Infobip – a global communications cloud provider in 2021. Ivan now serves as the Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip, running all global developer facing operations.

Marijan Cipcic

Marijan works as a Tech Community Manager at Infobip, leading Infobip developer initiatives in Africa. He organizes meetups across the African continent. Although he holds a Ph.D. in history, this awarded historian and book writer is engaged in various tech initiatives in Croatia.

📩 Event questions?

Reach out to Marijan Cipcic, Tech Community Manager at Infobip:

Who should attend?

Devs, startups, and all tech enthusiasts are more than welcome to attend.


Team Infobip commits to organizing the event with high health safety and safety standards.

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