May 17, 2022


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“Why Covid-19 Could Be Worse Than The Disease It’s Self”


The fungus found in a Covid-19 Recovered patient.

It has been a year plus since the world was hit by a mysterious out break (Covid-19) that has and is reshaping the way we do things, the way we live, the way we eat, breathe, drink, sleep, our entire cultural system as humans has been altered in one way or the other. However much the pandemic caught the world off guard, caused multiple of thousands of deaths, governments all over the world in partnerships with health organizations and institutions tried to manage the situation.

In quest for the cure, vaccines have been developed and governments ensuring mass vaccinations. However! it has come to light some vaccines have fatal side effects as well as some treatments.

Blood clots have been the known major Covid-19 vaccine side effects. Now, there are reports of deadly Fungus that grows and eats up the bone in the nose. As in the story of a recovered Covid-19 patient in India.

A Mysterious and Deadly Black Fungus Is Infecting India’s COVID Recovered

Doctors have removed noses, eyes and jaw bones to prevent the fungus from entering the brain.

A week after 32-year-old Sanil Nair left a hospital’s COVID-19 intensive care unit, he started feeling pain in his cheekbones and getting headaches. 

“At first, we thought it was sinus,” his wife Snehal Ranjan told VICE World News, adding that her husband has diabetes and other comorbidities.

“We got an MRI scan done and found out he had black fungus,” she said. An endoscopy later revealed “a greyish layer” inside Nair. 

Black fungus, scientifically known as mucormycosis, has killed more than 200 Indians in the last four weeks, adding to existing fears over a punishing surge in coronavirus cases.

“The fungal spores usually get inside through the respiratory tract because fungus usually grows in hot, moist areas. From the nose, it can grow enough that it can melt bones,” Dr. Tanaya Narendra, a medical educator who has been busting myths around COVID-19 on social media, told VICE World News. “It can even dissolve the bone that separates the brain and your nose.” 

Source: Vice

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