May 17, 2022


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“We’re Not Ready For Elections; Declared Mali Government”

“We're Not Ready For Elections; Declared Mali Government” 1

Earlier this month, The Mali Military government that seized power back in 2020 announced “Elections that were scheduled for Feb were postponed. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) hit Mali with tough sanctions.

The European Union and partners do not intend to isolate Mali and its military-led government, the EU’s special envoy to the Sahel said, calling for talks despite a plan to severely sanction the country for failing to organize elections. The EU has said it will impose its own restrictions in line with ECOWAS, likely later in January

However, Emanuela Del Re, EU’s Special Representative to the Sahel, said the door remained open for dialogue.

“The position of the European Union is to be firm on certain principles without closing doors completely,” Del Re told Reuters in an interview late on Monday.

“We must continue to dialogue with Mali because we don’t want to isolate Mali, we want a Mali that is capable of overcoming this crisis,” Del Re said, adding that she had faith talks would happen.

Source: Reuters

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