May 17, 2022


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“President Museveni To Address The Country As Ugandans Count Down”

“President Museveni To Address The Country As Ugandans Count Down” 1

Uganda- When one hears the word “lock-down,” it’s not that thrilling, does not sound like fun especially in the recent times. On the 19th June President Museveni, declared 42 days of total lock-down, businesses were shut in major towns, and no cross-boarder movements in all district except with special reason and permission.

Today it is exactly 4 days before he (President Museveni) addresses the nation about how the country proceeds after the 42 days. there are a lot of speculations making rounds on social media about what to be expected in his speech. Reliable sources from the state agencies can only confirm no more than ‘Saturday 31 July’ is the “D” day when the president speaks to the country.

The 42 days have been tougher on some Ugandans. The Prime minister (Robbinah Nabanjja) promised “a little something” to the vulnerable fraction of the population to see them through these tough times though many questioned her methods. In a population of more than 40 million people, how do you determine who is vulnerable or not overnight? a question that was raised over and over but no clear answer availed. And if the Prime Minister and her and her team managed to establish the list, how many were actually able to receive the relief funds?

The current unanswered question; what’s the president going to address this time?

  • Is Public Transportation going to resume?
  • Are Business places like Arcades and Plazas going to open?
  • Are District boarders going to open?
  • What are the plans for schools and other Institutions of learning?
  • How is the Vaccination issue going to be addressed

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