June 17, 2022


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Fighting Depression is easier than you think.

By definition; Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. What if depression has nothing/less to do with your biology? What if it’s not an illness?.

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Basing on science depression can be a chemical imbalance in your body that causes low mood and persistent sadness. They will prescribe drugs, feel a little better and the latter continues. In simple terms it is not a brain malfunction, sign of weakness or a naturally occurring condition for an underlying mental breakdown.

If you keep searching for answers about what depression is and what could be the actual cause, Answers are always going to be the same. But little would the findings mention of the alternative ways to deal with it besides antidepressants and endless therapies.

Today we have a whole new set of diseases that are eating up society far greater than a pandemic. on of them is “The 21st century disease,” a man calls it. An era where humans are operating like machines detached from human connections and interacting more with machines than humans. With this comes a chain of effects all of which point at Loneliness or the level of unmet needs as source of anxiety leading to depression.

In 2019, Johann Hari in one of his presentations cited an example of a Cambodian rice farmer whose leg was blown off by a min left in the fields after the war, got an artificial limb which made his work a lot had that drove him into depression. His community stepped in, gave him a hand where possible. With this Act of togetherness and love, the Rice farmer was able to bounce back from depression.

Watch the Video and it will change how you think about certain things.

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