China Is Now Sending Twitter Users to Prison for Posts Most Chinese Can’t See


In order to Protect national national image, Twitter users in China face jail time

HONG KONG – The Chinese Communist Party is stepping up efforts to control its image worldwide by jailing Chinese citizens, including many low-income people, who use foreign social media to criticize Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his government.

According to a study of court documents by the Wall Street Journal, Chinese authorities have sentenced more than 50 people to prison terms in the past three years for using Twitter and other foreign platforms – all of which are blocked in China – for allegedly violating public order and the party being attacked. rules and databases supported by free speech activists.

The increasing use of the term prison is increasing China’s efforts to control the story and suppress criticism outside of China’s hidden internet. In the past, the suppression of views on foreign social media was required largely through detention and harassment, rarely through detaining people, human rights activists say.

Court records cite offensive speeches ranging from criticisms of heads of state and the Communist Party to discussions in Hong Kong, northwestern Xinjiang and the democratically ruled island of Taiwan, which Beijing claims as their territory. Among those whose Twitter accounts remain online or whose followers have been quoted in court records, their followers are usually hundreds or several thousands, although one follower had less than 30 followers when he was arrested.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security did not respond to questions submitted to the Chinese Ministry through the government information service.



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