June 21, 2022


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“Employment Standards Have Dropped The Worth Of College/university Degree”

“Employment Standards Have Dropped The Worth Of College/university Degree” 1

Global employment standards have greatly risen in the last few decades that has gotten new graduates ask questions such as “I’m done with school, Now what?” This has been a major challenge most especially in developing economies where you would find more than 50 percent of fresh graduates opt for jobs that they are overly qualified for.

An Article has made rounds on the internet questioning the quality of education in the world’s second largest economy. quoting a story of a 29year old graduate turned housekeeper.

The 29-year-old woman holds a bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University, China’s equivalent of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where some of the country’s brightest scientists, engineers, and executives were educated. Her bio has gone viral on Chinese social media after it was posted online by a housekeeping agency last week.
The resume says the woman has been working as a housekeeper or babysitter since 2016, with her previous employers living at some of Shanghai’s most exclusive residential compounds. She is good at English and early education, according to the post, and she is looking for a similar job with a salary of 35,000 Chinese yuan ($5,500) a month.
Chinese students go through years of intense studies to prepare for a grueling college entrance exam, and only the very top performers will be admitted into the country’s top two schools, Tsinghua University and Peking University.Most fresh graduates from Tsinghua take up jobs in technology, finance, and education, the school said in a 2020 report. And the idea that some graduates opted to become full-time housekeepers or babysitters, jobs commonly looked down upon, has prompted heated discussions on whether or not it is “a waste of talent.”

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