September 24, 2021


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Congo – Kinshasha rushes to rescue Goma from the fires

Congo - Kinshasha rushes to rescue Goma from the fires 1

DR Congo orders Goma evacuation after Mount Nyiragongo erupts

Hundreds flee their homes as lava from Mount Nyirangongo closed in on Goma airport.
Prompting government in the Democratic Republic of Congo to advise residents of the jap city of Goma to evacuate after a volcano overlooking the erupted vicinity.

Lava from Mount Nyiragongo approached Goma’s airport on Saturday, as thousands of citizens sporting mattresses and different property fled the border town walking – many closer to the border with Rwanda. The lava float has now stopped after attaining Goma’s suburbs, AFP information corporation said.
Nyiragongo’s eruption in 2002 killed 250 people and left thousands homeless.

It’s one of the global’s most active volcanoes

“The evacuation plan for the metropolis of Goma has been activated,” Communications Minister Patrick Muyaya tweeted past due on Saturday. “The authorities are discussing the urgent measures to be taken”

The plan became activated after an emergency meeting in Kinshasha, he brought.
President Felix Tshisekedi cut short a trip to Europe to return to Congo on Sunday.

He advised citizens of Goma, a city of two million people that sits on Mount Nyiragongo’s southern flank and the north shore of Lake Kivu, to remain calm.

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