May 17, 2022


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Cancer in Uganda is now beatable

Cancer in Uganda is now beatable 1

In Uganda, 32,000 new cases and 21,000 deaths caused by cancer occurred in 2018 and 56,238 people were living with cancer by 2018. And the risk of getting cancer before the age of 75 was 17.8%.

From 10 years back; it was an equivalent of impossible to get any cancer related treatment in Uganda. Today, however much Cancer is still a terminal disease, it can be diagnosed and treated in Uganda without being referenced abroad.

According to The Daily Monitor an initiative by Dr. Jackson Orem the director of Uganda Cancer institute declared 8 children Cancer free after nearly five years of treatment.

The Uganda Cancer Institute in partnership with nation Media Group and other stakeholders have embarked on an initiative to make cancer treatment accessible especially for children 18 years and below.

“While treating cancer patients, we reflect on what it means to have a cancer patient in your family and we put in more effort to see that all our patients with cancer are cured,” Dr Joyce Balagadde, the head of Paediatric Oncology Services at the Institute, said.

Dr Balagadde said the Institute is profiting from having a specialist surgeon for children, which was not the case before.  Surgeries in the past used to be clogged because the Institute was overly relying on the main Mulago Hospital.

“There is also Radiotherapy, which is a key in treating children with cancer and the one we have is very robust,” Dr Balagadde said, adding that the common ailments for children are cancers of kidney and heart as well as Rhabdomyosarcoma.  

Dr Jackson Orem urged parents “to take children for early diagnosis because cancer in children is very curable.” 

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