August 10, 2022


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British Lonely Men Target vulnerable Ukrainian women .

British Lonely Men Target vulnerable Ukrainian women

According to the Guardian headline this morning “Stop matching lone female Ukraine refugees with single men, UK told”, the UN Agency had to intervene in the claims of predatory claims of British men using Homes for Ukraine scheme to target vulnerable women.

The United Nations’ refugee agency has called on the UK government to intervene to stop single British men from being matched up with lone Ukrainian women seeking refuge from war because of fears of sexual exploitation.

In the wake of claims that predatory men are using the Homes for Ukraine scheme to target the vulnerable, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told the Guardian “a more appropriate matching process” could be put in place to ensure women and women with children are matched with families or couples.

The suggestion from the global refugee agency follows reports that Ukrainian refugees, predominantly women and sometimes accompanied by children, are at risk in the UK of sexual exploitation.

However, Under the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme, British hosts must link up with Ukrainian refugees themselves, leaving tens of thousands of people to resort to unregulated social media groups to connect.

A government-backed matching service run by the Reset charity offers to match UK hosts with refugees but has been operating for only just over a week. Those who want to move to the UK must have a sponsor before applying for a visa.

In a statement, the UNHCR said there was a need for adequate safeguards and vetting measures to be in place against exploitation, as well as adequate support for sponsors.

Source: The Guardian

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